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Rob Kennedy

From DIY to BBQ

Transforming Home Projects into Outdoor Cooking Adventures

My channel actually started as a do-it-yourself channel to help homeowners tackle things around the house instead of hiring a 3rd party: replacing garage door springs, fixing pool equipment, gardening, chicken ownership, etc. Then I started posting a couple of BBQ videos and was really having fun with them! Now, probably 90% of my content is some form of cooking. There's nothing like having some friends over and being outside cooking a great meal for everyone. No matter the season, though, we'll cook out at least 2-3 times per week. Everyone in my family has a different favorite, and it's become a tradition! My favorite comments on my channel are the ones where they are excited to try out something new on their grills that they hadn't thought of."

Favorite Activity:
Spending time and cooking for my friends and family.
Fun Fact:
I'm big into loT (Internet of Things) and Linux.
Favorite Recipes:
DIY Crunchwraps
Bucks County, PA


Char-Griller Product of Choice

Char-Griller Flat Iron

My go-to grill, and a true game-changer for me, is the Char-Griller Flat Iron. This grill has quickly become my favorite for several reasons. Firstly, its innovative design with a flat iron grilling surface offers unparalleled versatility, making it perfect for everything from delicate vegetables to hearty steaks. The even heat distribution ensures consistent and perfectly cooked meals every time. Plus, its compact size and thoughtful features, like the foldable side shelves, make it incredibly convenient for my outdoor cooking adventures. The Char-Griller Flat Iron has truly redefined my grilling experience, making it an absolute essential in my collection.

Featured Recipe

Mac & Cheese Stuffed Meatballs

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food experience with our Mac and Cheese Stuffed Meatballs recipe! Picture this: perfectly seasoned meatballs, each hiding a savory surprise—creamy, gooey macaroni and cheese at their core. It's a delightful twist on two classic favorites that promises to satisfy every craving. With a golden-brown exterior and a molten cheese center, these meatballs elevate the ordinary to extraordinary. Get ready to embark on a journey of flavor where the richness of mac and cheese meets the hearty goodness of meatballs for a truly unforgettable culinary experience.

Char-Griller Q&A with Rob Kennedy

How did your Youtube channel originally begin?
The channel started as a do-it-yourself platform, assisting homeowners with tasks around the house like replacing garage door springs, fixing pool equipment, gardening, and chicken ownership.
What prompted the shift from DIY content to cooking videos?
The transition to cooking videos began when the creator started posting barbecue content and discovered a genuine enjoyment in creating culinary content.
How often do you engage in outdoor cooking, and what occasions inspire it?
Regardless of the season, I cook outdoors 2-3 times per week, often enjoying the experience with friends. Outdoor cooking has become a cherished traditionf ro my family.
From DIY to BBQ: A Flavorful Journey
Do you have a specific focus within your cooking content?
Majority of the my content revolves around vatious forms of cooking, showcasing my passion for creating delicious meals.
What kind of feedback resonates with you the most from your viewers?
I appreciate comments expressing excitement about trying something new on the grill, especially when it introduces fresh ideas I hadn't considered before.

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