Pulled Pork n' Bacon Cheesy Sliders

Smoky Bliss

This recipe is a symphony of flavors that begins with succulent pulled pork, slow-cooked to perfection, and infused with smoky goodness on the Gravity 980's advanced grilling surface. The addition of crispy bacon lends a savory crunch, while the gooey melted cheese binds everything together in a taste bud-tingling harmony. The addition of crispy bacon lends a savory crunch, while the gooey melted cheese binds everything together in a taste bud-tingling harmony. Assembled with care on fresh, soft buns, these sliders promise a burst of flavor in every bite, making them the ultimate crowd-pleaser for your next barbecue or gathering. Prepare to elevate your slider game and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Pulled Pork n' Bacon Cheesy Sliders Recipe

The versatility of pulled pork sliders prepared on the Gravity 980 Grill is a culinary adventure that transcends traditional barbecue expectations. The Gravity 980 Grill, renowned for its precision and ability to infuse smoky nuances into every dish, becomes a canvas for transforming a humble pork shoulder into a symphony of flavors and textures. Crafting delectable pulled pork sliders on a Gravity 980 Grill adds a distinct smoky flavor and enhances the overall culinary experience. The result is pulled pork that transcends the ordinary, becoming a versatile centerpiece for sliders. Whether paired with classic barbecue accompaniments or creatively embraced with unique toppings, the pulled pork slidersl embody the epitome of the art of slow-grilled perfection.

Pairing Suggestions

Start by choosing a beverage that can cut through the richness of the pork, such as a robust and slightly smoky red wine or a hoppy craft beer, which can provide a refreshing contrast. If you're leaning towards non-alcoholic options, a sweet and tangy iced tea or a ginger beer with a hint of spice can be excellent choices. For a side dish, opt for classics like sweet potato fries, macaroni and cheese, or a simple garden salad with a citrus vinaigrette. These pairings strike a balance between flavors and textures, ensuring each bite of the pulled pork slider is a symphony of taste that delights the palate.

Why use the Gravity 980?

The Char-Griller Gravity Fed 980 digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker is the pinnacle of charcoal grilling, offering unparalleled flavor and versatility. Plus, with the help of gravity, the vertical charcoal hopper effortlessly burns through up to 16 lbs. of briquette charcoal for hours of uninterrupted grilling and provides supreme food flavor. he grill's versatility accommodates various cooking styles, from direct grilling to smoking, allowing users to customize their wing preparation to meet diverse preferences. The even heat distribution across the cooking surface guarantees consistent results, preventing unevenly cooked wings.

Pulled Pork n' Bacon Cheesy Sliders

Cook Time:
0 - 30 min


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Try some crazy delicious sliders that are simple to make and amazing to eat!


    Prep Directions

  1. 01

    Slice the Hawaiian Rolls in half



    • 12 ounces Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
  3. 02

    Coat a pan with melted Cilantro Butter



    • Melted Cilantro Garlic Butter, to taste
  5. 03

    Lay down sharp cheddar cheese on the bottom portion of the Hawaiian roll



    • Cheddar cheese, to taste
  7. 04

    Lay down smoked apple cider pulled pork



    • 1 pound Smoked apple cider pulled pork
  9. 05

    Sprinkle Chihuahua cheese



    • Chihuahua Cheese, to taste
  11. 06

    Add the bacon



    • 5 slices Smoked bacon
  13. 07

    Sprinkle Chef Merito Meat Seasoning



    • Chef Merito Meat Seasoning, to taste
  15. 08

    Lay down another layer of cheddar cheese over the pulled pork



    • Cheddar cheese, to taste
  17. 09

    Add Chicago Style hot giardiniera peppers on half



    • Chicago Style hot giardiniera peppers, to taste
  19. 10

    Sprinkle additional Chihuahua cheese



    • Chihuahua Cheese, to taste
  21. 11

    Place the top portion of the Hawaiian bread on top

  22. 12

    Lather the top and sides of the Hawaiian bread with melted cilantro butter



    • Melted Cilantro Garlic Butter, to taste
  24. Cooking Directions

  25. 13

    Fire up your Char-Griller Grills Gravity Fed 980 to 350° with lump charcoal & cherry smoking wood

  26. 14

    Place the sliders in the grill

  27. 15

    Cook for 15 minutes

  28. 16

    Remove & enjoy!