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Offset Smokers

Experience the art of true barbecue with Char-Griller's Offset Smokers, the ultimate charcoal grill and smoker combo. Perfect for BBQ enthusiasts, these versatile grills and smokers allow you to master the craft of smoking and grilling BBQ meats to perfection. Elevate your outdoor cooking game with Char-Griller's Offset Smokers, where smoky flavor and tender meats come together for an unforgettable BBQ experience.
Lump charcoal flames in the basket of an open side fire box
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Unleash your inner pitmaster with Char-Griller's Offset Grills and Smokers, the ultimate fusion of a charcoal grill and smoker designed to elevate your BBQ game. Whether you're grilling up succulent BBQ meats or slow-smoking your favorite cuts, our offset grills and smokers deliver the perfect blend of smoky goodness and tenderness. With Char-Griller's versatile grill and smoker combos, you can savor the authentic flavors of BBQ, making every cookout a memorable feast for your taste buds. Elevate your outdoor cooking experience today and embark on a smoky, flavorful journey with Char-Griller.

Smokin' Pro Offset Smoker

The Smokin' Pro features a Side Fire Box for Texas smoke flavor, an adjustable fire grate, heat gauge, and double bottom to deliver great smoked BBQ. Keep flare-ups low with cast-iron cooking grates. The Easy Dump™ ash pan makes clean up a breeze and the heavy steel construction provides years of durability.
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