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Breakfast Burritos on the Flat Iron®


  • 1
    Pack of 8 Breakfast Sausage Circles
  • 2
    Pack of Shredded Cheese
  • 3
    Burrito Tortillas (Large)
  • 4
    Pack of Thick-Cut Bacon
  • 5
    Dozen Eggs
  • 6
    Package of Diced Frozen Hash Browns

Perfect for taking on the go or preparing for the family to add some pizzazz into your mornings, these Breakfast Burritos are easy to assemble and allow you to choose toppings to make it your own.


  1. Start with the hash browns on high-med/high heat with some oil.
  2. Keep an eye on them.
  3. Throw on the sausage and bacon.
  4. Cut up the sausage for the burritos.
  5. Once everything is cooked, move off to the side
  6. Warm-up a burrito to make easier to fold
  7. Ladle some eggs on to the griddle
  8. Add cheese and other toppings
  9. Remove burrito wrap
  10. Fold the egg into an omelet
  11. place on burrito wrap and fold
  12. Enjoy!

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