Mini Smash Burgers

Prep Time: 15 Min | Cook Time: 20 Min


  • 1
    20 oz Fresh Ground Angus Beef
  • 2
    Mini Buns
  • 3
    4 oz Butter
  • 4
    Shredded Cheese of Choice
  • 5
    Favorite Rub or Seasoning

Ambassador James Llorens used his cast-iron hot plate from the kitchen stove on his grill to make these smash burgers. He's placed it over hot coals and used it on the gas side of his Hybrid grill. It's always fun to switch things up, and doing these smash mini burgers is fun & simple with a big-time flavor.


1. Loosely roll 2.5 oz of the fresh angus beef into a ball.

2. Melt butter in bowl

3. Place Shredded cheese in a bowl

4. Select favorite Rub/seasoning

5. Have all items available in your grilling area. This is a quick hands on cook.

6. Place cast iron hot plate/skillet over the grill grates on the gas side of the grill.

7. Turn all burners on high and allow a few minutes for the hot plate/skillet to get hot.

8. When hot, apply the melted butter using the basting brush to the hot plate/skillet.

9. Pick up the burger ball with the delicatessen paper and place on the hot plate/skillet.

10. Then using the burger press with delicatessen paper still over the burger ball, press and hold down for a few seconds. Then remove the burger press and delicatessen paper. You will now have perfect circle smash burger patty.

11. Now apply favorite Rub/seasoning to one side of the smash burger patty.

12. Flip smash burger patty after 3 minutes.

13. Then cook for another 3 minutes then flip one last time and add the shredded cheese

14. Allow the cheese to melt & warm buns at the same time.

15. Then remove and dress your mini smash burger with your favorite toppings. 

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