Grill and Smoked BBQ

Geoffrey Greer

From learner to teacher

It is hard not to have a good time when people and food are involved!

I enjoy making great food outside and sharing how I do it with everyone, so they can do it too.

Favorite Activities:
Outdoor cooking and watching football
Favorite Dish to Grill:
Chicken and Ribs
Originally from Chattanooga, TN and currently living in Fort Worth, TX
Char-Griller Grill of Choice:
Gravity Fed 980


Char-Grill Product of Choice

Geoffrey's Favorite Grill

The Char-Griller Gravity Fed 980 digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker is the pinnacle of charcoal grilling, offering unparalleled flavor and versatility. Simply set your temperature on the digital control panel and let the precision fan do the work to maintain your grilling temperature for hours.

Featured Recipe

Cherry Pineapple Habanero Spatchcock Chicken

For juiciness that's crazy with the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, you've got to try this chicken recipe.

Char-Griller Q&A with Geoffrey Greer

Fun Fact
Myself and a group of friends are die-hard fans of our favorite college and pro football and basketball teams. So, every season we work hard to post memes and say things on social media to make fun of each other's teams when they lose.

Geoffrey Greer's Favorite Products