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Smoked Turkey with all the Tricks


  • 1
    One Turkey
  • 2
    One Batch of Brine
  • 3
    One Batch of Injection
  • 4
    2 Tbsp. Poultry Seasoning
  • 5
    2 Tbsp. BBQ Rub
  • 6
    Spray Butter

Char-Griller® Ambassador, Steven Dotson of @cookoutcoach, shares his Gravity 980 Smoked Turkey recipe with all his favorite tips: Hey Everyone, with the holiday season upon us it’s time to try to take that smoked turkey to the next level so today we are going to cram as much flavor into our smoked turkey on the Char-Griller gravity 980 as we can using all of the tricks I know of! We’ve all at some point had an experience with a dry, flavorless turkey. Today our goal is to get as far away from that as we possibly can, I want you to be able to make this turkey and have it be like nothing else you’ve ever sat around the table and shared with your friends and family, after all, gatherings around the holidays are all about shared experiences so lets make this one of the best you’ve had!


1) After the turkey has thawed remove it from the package and remove the neck and giblets from inside the turkey.

2) Mix up the brine and submerge the turkey in it for 1 hr./lb.

3) Remove from brine and mix up injection, focus on injecting the breast, legs, and thighs.

4) Cover the outside of the turkey in the poultry seasoning followed by the BBQ seasoning.

5) Bring the Gravity 980 up to 350 degrees and add 1 piece of cherry wood to the ash tray.

6) Place the turkey on the cooker and spritz with butter every hour.

7) At 2 hours rotate the turkey 180 degrees and insert a temp prove into the deepest part of the breast.

8) Between 3 and 4 hours when the temp probe reads 165 degrees remove from the cooker, slice, and serve.

Author: Cookout Coach
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