Smoke Roasted Coffee

Prep Time: 5 Min | Cook Time: 15 Min


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    1/2 Pound Green Coffee Beans

Char-Griller Ambassador Steve Dotson of Cookout Coach decided that he wanted to try his hand at roasting coffee. He documented the entire process so you can try it at home! 

"Hey Everyone, today we’re going to start a new series called will it smoke and we’re starting it off with a bang by trying to smoke roast coffee.

We’re going to see if we can impart smoke smoke flavor into coffee beans that we are going to fresh roast on our Char Griller AKORN Kamado.

Why would we want to do this? For one there's just something about cooking outside on our AKORN this time of year that just feels right. Maybe most importantly we’re gonna give it a shot because how will we know if we can or can't if we don't try, so let get it going."


1. Light a single chimney of charcoal and get it entirely lit.

2. Drop that down into our AKORN and start adding some smoking chips to the fire. You can use whichever smoke wood you like, today we are going to go with white oak. 

3. Get yourself a cast iron skillet, today I’m using an 8 inch model, a whisk, a colander, and some green coffee beans. Now that you're all set put the skillet on the grill grate and let it get hot. Once it is warmed up go ahead and add as many coffee beans to it that you feel you can stir and continuously agitate, for us that's gonna be about half a pound.

4. From here on out just focus on stirring the beans and about every minute close your lid for 10 or so seconds to let those beans soak in that smoke.  After about 15ish minutes you should start hearing the first crack, it’ll sound like popcorn. If you want a lighter roasted coffee you can take your beans off now but for a more medium roasted coffee let it keep going until you hear a second round of cracking.

5. At this point you want to cool your beans down immediately. We’re going to do this by tossing them in a colander.

Tossing them does two things, one is it helps the beans cool more quickly and the other is as the beans are tossed in the air the husks will float off and not remain in our coffee beans.

6. From this point you just need to set your beans aside loosely covered for a day so they can off-gas and finish the process.

7. After that grind them up , make coffee your favorite way and prepare to have some of the best coffee you’ve ever had, and you made it all yourself on the grill.

Let me know how it works out for you and till next time, y’all take it easy.

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