How to Use Heat Zones on the Flat Iron® to Cook for a Crowd

How to Use Heat Zones on the Flat Iron® to Cook for a Crowd

It’s no secret that the 4 heat zones on the Flat Iron® are only one of many amazing features. It not only allows you to prepare all the components of tacos or even a full course breakfast at once, but it’s also useful for cooking for a crowd whether that be your family or guests and friends. In this blog post, we’ll be explaining how to make the most out of your Flat Iron® when cooking for multiple people. Stay tuned!

Cooking One Large Meal

The Flat Iron® Gas Griddle is equipped with four heat zones, making your cooking options versatile during every use. If you need to prepare a large meal for a crowd all at once like a multitude of burgers or even fried rice, you can use the zones to your advantage. Simply adjust all the burners to the same temperature/setting and use the entirety of the flat top to quickly and efficiently get the party going!

Cooking Several Components of One Meal

Maybe you’re preparing a multipart meal for your family or guests. The Flat Iron®’s heat zones make it easy. You can even mix and match the usage of your flat top and use half for burgers and the other half for buns or even one for buns, one for onions and two combined for burgers. However you choose to use the zones, the heat zones make it easy to add layers of flavor and texture to your meals. Get creative and never stress about timing your cooks or one component growing cold while you wait for your cooking vessel to free up. Cook it all at once for a fresh delicious meal, all when you want it.

Cooking Multiple Dishes at Once

Want a full-course meal or dealing with differing appetites in your household or during events? Use the heat zones on your Flat Iron® to prepare four different meals all at the same time. In one zone you can prepare pancakes, eggs in the next, sausages in the third, and bacon in the fourth.  The same technique can be used for any meal at any time of the day. Keep everyone satisfied and get full meals prepared quickly. The Flat Iron® makes it easy to finish your entire cook in one place all at the same time. 

No matter what meal you’re preparing or who you’re cooking for, the heat zones of the Flat Iron® Gas Griddle makes it easy to cook for the entire family or all your guests. It allows you to get creative and make your process both effective and efficient. How do you use your heat zones, #TeamCharGriller?