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Flat Iron® Griddle Cheddar Crisp

Prep Time: 3 Min | Cook Time: 3-4 Min


  • 1
    Cheddar Cheese
  • 2
    Char-Griller Chicken Rub
  • 3
    Cooking Oil

These Cheddar Crisps from Char-Griller Ambassador, Eric Stuart of @BeardedBeastBBQ, are a delicious snack. Pair with a smoked salsa, and you have the perfect appetizer!


  1. Turn Char-Griller Flat Iron Griddle on medium high heat.
  2. Get your cheddar cheese or cheese of your choice ready and add a thin coat of oil to the griddle.
  3. I have no exact measurement on the amount of cheese I used per crisp but it was a pinch of cheese and add your seasoning. I used Char-Griller Chicken Rub.
  4. Flip the crisp once the cheese is bubbling and pull them off about 1.5 minutes after the flip.
  5. Let cool and enjoy.

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