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Fire Roasted Beef, Chicken & Veggie Glazed Skewers

Prep Time: 10 Min | Cook Time: 45 Min


  • 1
    Beef Stew Meat: 1-2 Pounds
  • 2
    Chicken Breast: 1-2 Pounds
  • 3
    Veggies: Red Onions: 1, Aloha Bell Pepper: 1 & Yellow Squash: 1
  • 4
    Olive Oil: Binder
  • 5
    Seasonings: Sazon & Gentlemen’s Spice Blend #7
  • 6
    Skewers: 2
  • 7
    Grill Wok: 1
  • 8
    BBQ Sauce/Glaze: to taste
  • 9
    Char-Griller Grills Smokin’ Champ 1733
  • 10
    Fogo Charcoal Eucalyptus Lump Charcoal: one chimney & Mango Smoking Wood: one piece

Easy to personalize for the whole family and quick enough to make for a weeknight dinner, this Fire Roasted Beef, Chicken & Veggie Glazed Skewers recipe is sure to become something you'll make all summer. 

Prepping Directions

  1. Cube the beef & chicken
  2. Season beef & chicken with Sazon the night prior: 12-24 hours
  3. Cube the Red Onion & Aloha Bell Pepper -Slice the yellow squash into circles
  4. Load the skewers with the veggies, beef & chicken
  5. Place any extra veggies, beef & chicken to the grill wok
  6. Season the skewers & grill wok with Gentlemen’s Spice Blend #7
  7. Skewers & Grill Wok are ready for the Grill!

Cooking Directions

  1. Set aside two grill grates for easy access to the fire
  2. Fire up one chimney full of the lump charcoal towards the back of the grill/smoker to a rough temperature of 400 °.
  3. Add one piece of the Mango Smoking wood to the Fire.
  4. Add additional lump charcoal as the fire lowers
  5. Place the skewers opposite side of the fire for roasting and place the grill wok on the remaining grill grate
  6. Rotate the skewers and mix the grill wok periodically throughout the cook.
  7. Add your favorite BBQ Sauce/Glaze to the grill/smoker and warm for 15 minutes and then begin to glaze the skewers. You don’t need to glaze the ones in the grill wok.
  8. Roast for 20 minutes to allow the glaze to stick to the skewers -Remove the skewers and grill wok after 45 minutes.
  9. Add final glaze to the skewers and enjoy!


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