Certified Creole BBQ

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I’m a family man backyard BBQ’r who has always loved BBQ but had no clue what I was doing when I started & got tired of restaurant BBQ. Then in the summer of 2016 I purchased my first Char-griller grill/smoker: Smokin’ Champ 1624. I struggled with it at first but couldn’t stop BBQ’n. The struggle is where I found my passion and love for BBQ. I just wanted to make good BBQ and good BBQ content like I seen on Social Media and that turned into wanting even more. Learning It takes time, effort and patience to make quality BBQ. Once I learned this, everything clicked and it all made sense to me and it started to show with my food and content I was creating. My BBQ goal is to have my own successful food truck, traveling the States BBQ’n. I like to have fun with my BBQ and not afraid to try something new. I’m Married with three kids and always BBQ’n with them by my side.

Chicago, IL

Char-Griller of Choice:
Smokin' Champ 1624

Favorite Dish to Grill:
Pork Ribs or Steak & Potatoes

Fun Fact:
Played semi-pro football

Favorite Activity:
BBQ'n with my Family while watching Football & going to Disney World

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