Easter Recipe Roundup

Easter is the perfect holiday to bring out the grill and cook a delicious meal for the family. As an added bonus, Easter also means we are that much closer to summer and grilling every day.

We wanted to make it easy for you to create a great Easter meal so we asked some of our Char-Griller ambassadors to come up with recipes for you! (There is A LOT of lamb).

From novice grillers to backyard BBQ experts, there is a recipe here for everyone. Throw in a side of your favorite veggies or a good starch like potatoes and you are ready to go with an Easter feast!

1. Reverse Seared Pesto Lamb Racks

A simple, easy, but still show-stopping meal for Easter created by Scott Thomas of Grillin' Fools. These Lamb Racks are marinated in a pesto sauce and then slowly smoked over indirect coals. A quick sear finishes them off and they are ready for your table.

2. Rack of Lamb with Bourbon Glaze

Looking for something totally indulgent for Easter? Cookout Coach made a Bourbon Glazed Lamb Rack that is easy enough for any home cook. Check out his video to see exactly how to make it!

3. Herb and Garlic Lamb Rack

We told you there was a lot of lamb. Made by Mark Ashby of Grill Mark Co, this Herb and Garlic Lamb Rack is super simple and accessible to cooks of any skill level.

4. Certified Holiday Mesquite Smoked Ham

Certified Creole BBQ delivered with a new twist on a quintessential Easter dish. Ham as you know and love it but slow smoked over a charcoal fire and basted with a delicious sauce.

5. Smoked Lamb Shank

A few weeks ago, people went crazy for the teaser video we posted of Chef Douglas Walls' Smoked Lamb Shanks. We convinced him to give us the recipe and it is perfect for a lowkey, Easter celebration.

6. Smoked Rack of Lamb with Orange Marmalade Glaze

Looking for an alternative to mint jelly? We've got you! John McLain of @Grillin_in_the_atx made a rack of lamb that is both impressive and low maintenance.

BONUS: Easter Sunday Texas-Style Pulled Pork

Not looking for lamb? What about pulled pork? Sebastian Kaine of BBQ Fiends delivers with these super easy and delicious pulled pork sandwich.