Smoked & Spiced Pumpkin Seeds


  • 1
    3 - 4 Cups Fresh Pumpkin Seeds
  • 2
    3 Tbsp Salt
  • 3
    12 oz Water
  • 4
    Olive Oil

Char-Griller Ambassador James Llorens of Certified Creole BBQ embraced the Halloween spirit and made this Smoked & Spiced Pumpkin Seeds Recipe. Check out why this recipe is important to him below: 

"Growing up, every year my parents would make my siblings and I baked pumpkin seeds with salt. They were a hit and we absolutely loved them. I haven’t let this tradition go, I now smoke them every year for my family.

This year I kicked up the flavor by adding a Mexican seasoning called Tajin to the recipe. This seasoning adds the perfect blend of spice and lime. Tastes amazing. This flavor will be one I’ll be using for years to come. This tradition will always live on in my house every Halloween."


1. Cut open the top of the pumpkin and remove all the fibrous strands (pumpkin brains) inside and set aside.

2. Begin to separate the seeds from the fibrous strands and discard all the fibrous strands and set seeds aside.

3. Rinse pumpkin seeds in running water in the sink and continue to discard any remaining fibrous strands.

4. In a bowl add 12 oz. water with 2 tsp salt and mix thoroughly.

5. Add the pumpkin seeds to the mixture and place in the refrigerator for 2-24 hours. 

6. Preheat your Char-griller Smokin’ Champ 1624 to 300°

Tip: Ignite charcoal first, then add your favorite smoking wood.

7. Add small amount of water to your Char-griller drip pan for moisture.

8. Remove pumpkin seeds from the refrigerator and strain water

9. Add a drip of olive oil to the seeds and stir.

10. Add 1 tsp salt with a few sprinkles of Tajin to taste and stir thoroughly.

11. Then place the seeds on a large aluminum tray with a sheet of parchment paper and spread them evenly

12. Then place the large tray with the seeds to the smoker.

13. Maintain your fire at 300°

14. Rotate the tray periodically.

15. Remove seeds from the smoker after 1 hour of smoking or until golden brown.

16. Add a few fresh sprinkles of Tajin and enjoy!

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