BBQ Turkey

Prep Time: 30 Min | Cook Time: 4.5 Hrs


  • 1
    Turkey: 14 pounds
  • 2
    Melted Butter: 1 Cup For Inject and 3 Cups for Basting
  • 3
    Olive Oil: to taste
  • 4
    BBQ Rub: to taste
  • 5
    Salt: to taste
  • 6
    Black Pepper: to taste
  • 7
    Shallots: 5
  • 8
    Fresh Sage: 1 bush
  • 9
    Chicken Broth Seasoned with BBQ Rub to taste : one cup
  • 10
    White Onion: 1
  • 11
    Garlic: 1 Bulb
  • 12
    Favorite BBQ Sauce: used a house blend

Flavor your turkey with your favorite BBQ sauce with this BBQ turkey recipe!


Prep Directions

  • Trim the turkey with a sharp knife and remove excess skin and fat
  • Inject melted butter in all sides of the turkey and season generously to taste with BBQ rub
  • Stuff the cavity with shallots, onions, garlic bulb & fresh sage
  • Place the chicken broth BBQ mixture under turkey in the pan underneath the roaster

Smoking directions

  • Preheat the Grand Champ™ XD to 350°-400° in the main grilling area for main grilling area offset smoking. Place your charcoal in the ash pan on the right side of the grill, and then place cooking grate in and allow to warm up for 15-30 minutes, and then place a smoking wood log on top the cooking grate for a slow lingering smoke. Add charcoal and fuel as needed roughly every 45- 60 minutes.

  • Place the turkey into the grill and cook that turkey

  • Rotate & baste the turkey hourly with melted butter

  • Cook to internal temperature 145° and begin to lather it with your favorite BBQ sauce

  • Cook to internal temperature 165°: takes roughly 4.5 hours

  • Remove the turkey and rest for 45 minutes

  • Slice and enjoy!

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