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I’m the award winning pit master for Beach Bum Barbecue in Indianapolis, and the executive chef for Skull and Mortar. I’m a Houston native, who began his journey into barbecue, just trying to replicate my hometown flavors.  What started off as a hobby, quickly morphed into an obsession.  A year later I started doing some contests, which led to opening my own catering company, and then food truck.  As Beach Bum Barbecue, we’ve won numerous awards, been featured in newspapers, magazines and local TV.  What started out as a hobby as morphed into a full blown obsession.  I love pushing the boundaries of what people view as barbecue, and trying to create new flavors and new dishes.

Houston, TX

Char-Griller of Choice:
Grand Champ Offset Smoker

Favorite Dish to Grill:
Brisket or Tri Tip

Fun Fact:
Wrote a published comic book.

Favorite Activity:
Barbecuing, cooking in general, watching baseball and watching wrestling with my son

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