Corey Stanberry

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Inspiring and Sharing the Joy of Cooking

My primary goal when I cook is to see others enjoying the food I have prepared, followed up by the off-chance that I am able to inspire others to learn to cook for themselves

Favorite Activity:
Rolling Smoke!
Fun Fact:
I am one of the Co-Owners of CrossFit G6 in Mansfield, Texas.
Char-Griller of Choice:
Texas-Trio, the versatility is REAL with this one!
Favorite Dish to Grill:
Pulled Pork or Pasta
Dallas, Texas


Char-Griller Product of Choice

The Texas Trio

I would love a Char-Griller Texas Trio because it perfectly matches my cooking style and goals. I'm all about sharing the joy of cooking with others and inspiring them to learn. The Texas Trio's versatility with its gas grill, charcoal grill, and smoker chambers would allow me to experiment with various cooking methods, from grilling to smoking. Plus, it offers ample cooking space, making it easy to cook for a crowd during social gatherings. I enjoy the creative process and trying new things in the kitchen, and this grill would provide endless opportunities for that.

Try Corey's recipe!

Ooey Goeey Smoked Scratch Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese is a delicious side that compliments almost any meal, and this made-from-scratch, smoked version is a must-try recipe. Make this Smoked Scratch Mac & Cheese for your next gathering because it is sure to be a hit!

Char-Griller Q&A with Corey Stanberry

What inspires your grilling?
As a self-taught cook who loves any opportunity to learn something new, I thoroughly enjoy it when I can share this process with others.
How do you become great at BBQ?
BELIEVE ME when I say that not every cook comes out as a success, however that is all part of the process!
How do you get inspiration?
I enjoy conversing with folks attempting new ways of creating classic dishes so send me a DM if you've got some ideas to bounce around!
Practice till perfect!

Corey Stanberry's Favorite Products