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Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip-Stuffed Mini Peppers

Prep Time: 30 Min | Cook Time: 2.5 Min


  • 1
    2 Lbs of Cooked Chicken
  • 2
    2 Bags of Sweet Mini Peppers
  • 3
    1 Package of Bacon (At least 16 slices)
  • 4
    1 Cup of Hot Sauce
  • 5
    1 Cup of Ranch Dressing
  • 6
    8oz of Cream Cheese

Smoked buffalo chicken dip is a fan-favorite appetizer for gatherings, and this recipe upgrades the classic dip to the max. If you're looking to switch it up and impress your guests, this Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip-Stuffed Mini Peppers is a must.


  1. To begin, chop the chicken into small bites and add that to a skillet with one cup of hot sauce, one cup of ranch dressing, and eight ounces of cream cheese.
  2. Once heated through, add about 2 cups of freshly grated cheddar cheese (I definitely recommend grating your own if possible).
  3. From there, set that glorious mixture to the side and try not to snack on it too much while you remove the seeds from the Sweet Mini Peppers.
  4. Once all the seeds have been removed, fill each pepper to the brim with the Buffalo Chicken Dip and wrap them with a half slice of bacon (in this scenario I used a half slice for each pepper, and then utilized a toothpick in each to keep them from unwinding)
  5. Once the poppers have been built, place them on the smoker at around 225° and gradually raise the temperature to about 275° over the course of about 2 hours.
  6. You'll know they're ready once the bacon begins to crisp!

    *There’s no need to obsess over the duration/temperature too much on a cook like this because the meat was already cooked through. From there, it’s all up to personal preference.

Author: Corey Stanberry
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