Geoff Boyd

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I really started getting into barbecue in 2011. I had to relocate for work and it was a pretty stressful time so I found myself sitting out on my balcony a lot. I then decided to get a little cheap grill for twenty dollars and I started with burgers and brats, and learned about the snake method to do low and slow cooks on ribs. I made some great barbecue on that little grill.

When I moved to Atlanta I invested in an offset and really honed in my craft and started to focus in on making great barbecue for family and friends. I developed a habit for trying to focus on unique flavor profiles in addition to the standard ones you see in barbecue. This led to me creating Outdoors with Geoff on YouTube to show people that barbecue can be easy and fun. 

Barbecue is my passion. Barbecue is a culture. It's more than just putting something on the grill. 

Originally From Hampton VA. I currently reside in Atlanta GA.

Char-Griller of Choice:
Tie Between the Gravity Fed 980 and the Akorn

Favorite Dish to Grill:
Tri Tip

Fun Fact:
I was on a calendar as Mr December 1998……for Band and other School Activities!

Favorite Activity:
Anything outdoors. Particularly riding my Harley or cooking on a grill.

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