Grilled green beans with crispy onions on a square white serving platter

Eating healthy can be easy and flavorful!

Healthy Recipes for the Grill

Whether you are following through with your New Year's resolution, or you are looking to incorporate healthy flavors into your meals, this is the blog for you! 

What is healthy eating?

It seems these days everything is healthy. From organic, green, protein, and more, it can be harder to decipher what is healthy for you. In this blog, we are going to dive into a few healthy recipes, or alternatives to make your classic meals a little healthier.

Healthy Grilling Tips

  1. Choose lean proteins & trim!

    Choosing lean cuts of meat such as chicken, turkey, and fish, is one of the best ways to have healthier recipes. If you want pork or beef, investigate the leaner cuts and trim visible fats.

  2. Marinade with intent!

    Use marinades with herbs, spices, and acidic ingredients like vinegar or citrus to add flavor without adding excess calories.

2 whole chickens on chicken stands roast on an open barrel grill A hand holding a large spatula turns sliced red and green bell peppers and onions on a Flat Iron griddle. A pile of sliced red onion and yellow and red bell peppers sits further back on the griddle. 4 eggs in red egg rings with long vertical handles fry on a Flat Iron griddle
  1. Use Healthy Oils!

    The oil you use can impact not only the flavor, and higher smoker points but can also impact your overall health. Many choose to opt for olive oil instead of vegetable oil!

  2. Fruits & Veggies

    You have heard it before, but the more colorful meals you have, the more potential to gain flavorful and healthy meals. Adding bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, asparagus, onions, and more is an excellent choice of veggies to add! Swap dessert for grilled peaches, or any heart-shaped fruit for a decadent healthy flavor.

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Benefits of Grilling for Healthy Eating

Grilling healthy brings many benefits for your body. Food can give you energy, maintain a healthy weight, and it can even help you sleep better! It may seem like an overwhelming task, but with these simple tips and recipes, you are destined for flavorful healthy meals.