Smoked Coffee Rub Bavette Steak

Cook Time:
3 - 4 hours


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Bavette steak is many people's favorite cut. You're missing out if you love steak and have never had a Bavette. French for "bib," bavette is similar to flank steak, but with better marbling and exceptional beefy flavor. That's why it's referred to as, "The Butcher's Cut," because butchers would save this cut to take home themselves. This recipe is a little outside of the box, with added ground coffee to the signature seasoning blend, but you can use a premade coffee rub as well. Coffee on beef is a wonderful combo!

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    The night before, pat the meat dry and apply the seasoning blend, letting it sit uncovered in the fridge overnight.


  3. 02

    Next, smoke the steak using lump coal and red oak at no more than 200⁰ for about two hours until the internal temperature reaches 115⁰. You just want to impart the smoky oak flavor into this steak without overcooking such a thin cut.


  5. 03

    Take the steak off the grill to rest and lower in temperature while you set up for high heat searing. Spray olive oil on both sides of the meat and sear over direct flame, flipping to char both sides until it reaches 125⁰ internal.


  7. 04

    Take the steak off to rest, where the internal temperature will still continue rise medium-rare.