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Using Your Grill for a Seafood Boil

Using Your Grill for a Seafood Boil

Char-Griller Ambassador James Llorens of @certified.creole.bbq loves seafood boils. Using the Char-Griller Hybrid, he is able to utilize every part of the grill to grill crab legs and sausages and get a big pot going to do a good old fashioned seafood boil. 

James and his wife shared why seafood boils are an important part of their lives below.

From James:

"My wife and I decided to do a seafood grill n’ boil recipe together and was a fun one. We did it for our pregame Chicago Bears NFL 2019 regular season kickoff game meal. While the Bears might have lost the game in miserable fashion, we won with this seafood grill n’ boil.
We steeped up our game together and utilized the awesome Char-Griller Hybrid Gas & Charcoal Grill.
My wife made and was in charge of the boil and I was in charge of the fresh garlic parsley butter and grilling some of the seafood. We used the side burner of the Hybrid grill for the boil and the charcoal grill side of the Hybrid grill to mix things up by grilling some of the crab legs and a lobster tail.
Grilling some of the seafood added a unique charcoal flavor to the boil that we are growing to love at my house. We loved all the flavors that were in the mix, from the various seafood, Cajun/seafood broil seasonings, fresh garlic parsley butter, and the grilled seafood that added a unique grilled charcoal taste and unmatched big time special flavor. It's a must try step for a great seafood boil.
I'm French Creole and my roots are from the Cane River in Louisiana so seafood and crawfish boils are a popular choice and a staple in our culture. It’s something that we all love, look forward to, and enjoy so much.
It’s simple, fun to make, brings the family together and always fills everyone up. Grilling the seafood was something new and tried it for the first time not too long ago and it was a hit with the family. It was an easy decision to do it again and once again it was a hit and the family loved it. So I know you and your family will love it as well.
At your next seafood boil, bring out your Char-Griller Grill and grill some of that seafood and sausage and enjoy the flavors I’ve been telling you about."

From Mrs. CCBBQ:

"When I think of a seafood boil, I think of family. It allows everyone to come together and eat from one plate/dish. It’s has a comforting and delicious flavor from the sea that the whole family will enjoy.
It’s easy to prepare and fun to eat. My favorite way to eat crab is dipped in spicy sauce or dipped in Certi’s melted Garlic Butter and topped with a squirt of lemon. 
Story Time:  It reminds me of the year 2012 when my husband and I went to the swamplands in Louisiana and we caught all the crawfish for the boil for the family dinner that night. There was at least 20 of us eating together. Wow, was my mind blown. Great food with great family who were so welcoming. Not only was it delicious, it was memory making at its finest that I will never forget."