All In Char-Griller Thanksgiving Guide

One of the biggest food holidays of the year is right around the corner, and your grill can be one of the best tools to make the most of the holiday.

At Char-Griller, we spent a lot of time thinking and writing about Thanksgiving and how to use our grills to smoke a turkey or keep the sides warm before they hit the table. In the interest of making planning Thanksgiving as easy as possible, we rounded up all our blogs and recipes into one place.

Check them out below!

Turkey Tips

  1. How to Add Flavor to a Turkey - No one wants to have a bland turkey. This guide covers all the ways you can get some extra flavor into your bird from wet or dry brines, marinade injectors, smoke and more.
  2. How to Smoke a Turkey - If you haven't tried it yet, smoking your turkey is the way to go. From the layers of unique flavor to keeping the meat tender and moist, this full guide to smoking has tips, tricks, and more.
  3. How to Cook the Perfect Turkey - Basic, to the point, and great for beginners, this guide helps you cook a Thanksgiving turkey from start to finish.
  4. Our Top Ten Turkey Tips - All the best turkey tips in one place. If you are looking for a crash course on cooking your bird, you've found it.

Planning Thanksgiving

  1. Grill Cleaning Tips for Fall - Chances are you might not have fired up your grill since Labor Day. You don't want any of that hamburger or rib residue to flavor your Thanksgiving Turkey. This guide shows you the best way to clean and prep your grill for the holiday.
  2. The Keys to a Stress-Free Thanksgiving - Just because there is a lot of cooking involved doesn't mean Thanksgiving needs to be stressful. This guide helps you maximize your time and pre-plan, so you don't have to stress come Thanksgiving Day.
  3. Last Minute Thanksgiving Checklist - Do you have extra charcoal? What about napkins? Did you defrost the bird? Check out this last-minute guide to make sure you have all you need for Thanksgiving.


From appetizers and sides, to over a dozen ways to cook turkey, you can find all the Thanksgiving recipes you need in our recipe library.

Don't have enough space in the oven? Your grill can double as an easy holding place to keep things warm until it is time to serve. Your grill is also great for slow roasting potatoes, toasting rolls or even baking pies!

Have a Thanksgiving recipe you'd like to share or did you cook a great bird on the grill? Make sure to tag us when you post on social with @chargrillergrills and #chargriller!