Saucy Brisket Burnt Ends

Saucy Brisket Burnt Ends, a culinary masterpiece that takes brisket to a whole new level. These delectable burnt ends are a tantalizing fusion of sweet, savory, and smoky flavors that are perfect as a main course or a scrumptious appetizer.


Saucy Brisket Burnt Ends

Cook Time:
6+ hours


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This recipe for Saucy Brisket Burnt Ends, then cooked until caramelized. This is the most delicious way to enjoy brisket; burnt ends are made for the course or appetizer option!


  1. 01

    Trim brisket with sharp knife on a cutting board then place on a tray to apply binder and seasonings.



    • 6 pounds Brisket Flat or Point
  3. 02

    Apply mustard to all sides of the brisket as a binder for the seasonings.



    • Original Sin Mustard for binder
  5. 03

    Apply seasonings to all sides of the brisket.



    • Beef rub
    • 50/50 Salt and Pepper Blend
  7. 04

    Add Char-Griller Drip Pan with water underneath the grill grate of your smoker/grill. This will add moisture to the brisket during the long smoke and also the meat drippings and juice from the spritz will fall in there for less of a mess.

  8. 05

    Preheat your smoker/grill to 240-250°F. Going low n’ slow at this temperature is key for brisket. Plan to smoke 1 hour per pound.

  9. 06

    Add brisket to smoker/grill onto a cardboard with butcher paper. Using the cardboard with butcher paper in the shape of the brisket is a great method that keeps the bottom of the brisket from drying out and allows you to easily move the brisket around in the smoker/grill from side to side. It will keep the brisket juicy and moist. Tip: Place the brisket fat side up.

  10. 07

    Spritz every hour with apple juice and rotate brisket from left to right for even smoking. Remember the brisket is on the cardboard and it’s really easy to rotate without having to touch the meat. Spritzing with apple juice helps keep the brisket moist during the long smoke, adds flavor and helps create the black bark we are looking for.



    • Apple juice, for spritzing
  12. 08

    Maintaining your fire is key, check on your fire roughly every hour and add charcoal/wood as needed. Try to avoid your smoker from exceeding 250° and getting under 240°. Brisket is meant for low n’ slow at about 240°-250° and keeping your fire steady throughout the cook is important.

  13. 09

    Remove brisket from the smoker when it reaches 160°. Discard the cardboard and butcher paper. Place the brisket in a pan with apple juice, water and beef rub then cover with foil. Tip: Take the guesswork out and use the Char-griller Grills Remote Thermometer and Folding Probe Thermometer to easily see what temperature the meat is at.

  14. 10

    Add brisket back to the smoker until temperature 199°-200° has been reached. Tip: no need to waste your smoking wood when the brisket is wrapped. Use only the charcoal as your fuel at temperature 240°-250° until the brisket is done.

  15. 11

    Remove brisket onto a cutting board and slice into cubes. Then add the the brisket cubes back to the pan with the brisket juices with Blues Hog Raspberry Chipotle Sauce. Get them sauced up and place back in the smoker/grill uncovered for an additional 30 minutes.



    • Blues Hog Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
  17. 12

    When you remove from the smoker/grill allow to rest for 5-10 minutes, then enjoy!