Christina Stawiasz

Outdoor Enthusiast and Recipe Explorer

Transforming a Love for Cooking into a BBQ Adventure

I’m a girl who loves the great outdoors and BBQ. I certainly didn’t pick up my barbecue skills as a kid. Growing up my family didn’t even have a grill. We would grill at Grandmas occasionally, but it was just hot dogs and hamburgers. To give you a better idea, the grill grates were always lined with foil. I did however fall in love with cooking at a very young age. I became addicted to barbecuing when my husband and I purchased the Char-Griller Texas Trio® in the summer of 2016. During the past couple of years, we’ve made traveling part of our lifestyle. That’s when barbecuing became a little bit of an obsession of mine. If I’m not grilling or BBQing, I’m cooking over an open fire. I truly believe where there is fire, you can cook anything! I’ve challenged myself to cook everything and anything outside, which includes baking on the grill too! I love developing recipes specifically dedicated to the great outdoors. If I’m not at home using my Texas Trio, I’m on the road camping using my AKORN® Jr. Kamado and Portable Flat Iron®. I’ve recently started my own blog and I’ve been lucky to have a couple of recipes published in magazines. I’m so incredibly grateful for this fun and exciting cooking journey. I’ll see you at the next BBQ!
Favorite Activity:
Playing the drums
Fun Fact:
As a hairstylist, I have had the opportunity to do hair & makeup for commercials and music videos.
Favorite Recipes:
Surf n Turf
Detroit, MI


Char-Griller Product of Choice

The Texas Trio

My favorite grill hands down is the Char-Griller Texas Trio. The versatility of this grill is unmatched, offering three separate cooking areas for charcoal grilling, gas grilling, and smoking. It's like having a trio of grills all in one, allowing me to experiment with different cooking styles and techniques. The convenience of quickly firing up the gas grill when I'm short on time or the authentic flavor from charcoal and smoke when I want a more traditional barbecue experience—it's all there. The ample cooking space means I can easily host gatherings and prepare a variety of dishes simultaneously. The Char-Griller Texas Trio is not just a grill; it's a culinary playground that never fails to elevate my outdoor cooking game.

Featured Recipe

Grill Roasted Pumpkin

Embark on a culinary journey with our Grill Roasted Pumpkin recipe, capturing the essence of fall. As the air crisps and leaves don autumn hues, savor the season's bounty uniquely. Transforming pumpkin wedges into a charred masterpiece, this recipe elevates autumn gatherings with warmth, open flame charm, and rich, caramelized grill-roasted perfection.

Char-Griller Q&A with Christina Stawiasz

What sparked your interest in barbecuing?
Purchasing the Char-Griller Texas Trio in the summer of 2016 ignited my passion for barbecuing.
What is your belief about cooking outdoors?
I truly believe that where there is fire, you can cook anything. I've challenged myself to cook everything and anything outside.
Outdoor BBQ Passion
What grill do you use for barbecuing when you're on the road?
When camping or on the road, I use my AKORN Jr Kamado and Portable Flat Iron.
How has your passion for outdoor cooking evolved, and what achievements have you had?
Over the years, my passion for outdoor cooking has evolved into a full-fledged obsession, leading me to start my own blog and have a couple of recipes published in magazines. I'm incredibly grateful for this exciting cooking journey.
Finally, what's your favorite grilling activity?
"My favorite grilling activity is the creative challenge of cooking everything and anything outdoors. I'm alsp very passionate about experimenting with flavors over an open flame. From traditional BBQ to baking on the grill, I believe where there's fire, there's an opportunity to cook something extraordinary. The versatility of grilling allows me to explore and develop recipes dedicated to the great outdoors, turning every meal into a unique and exciting culinary adventure. This love for outdoor cooking has become an obsession, and I'm grateful to share my journey through my blog and magazine-published recipes!

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Christina Stawiasz’s Favorite Recipes