Smoking on a Charcoal Grill and Smoker

Why do you need an Offset Smoker?

What is an Offset Smoker?

The barrel grill is the first style of grill Char-Griller made, and it has stayed the test of time. This is because barrel grills are excellent at retaining temperature, providing space, and giving your meals delicious charcoal flavors. Using a side fire box allows for superior smoking and sear capabilities. If you are looking for delicious smoked meals, searing and having plenty of room to grill for a crowd, you should seriously consider an Offset Charcoal Grill and Smoker.

"Offset Smoking allows me to prepare substantial quantities of barbecue efficiently, ensuring nobody leaves disappointed." - Char-Griller Ambassador

Using an Offset Smoker allows delicious charcoal smoke to float through your grill through the vent from the Side Fire Box leading to the barrel grill. Many grillers choose offset smokers for a few reasons; flavor, cooking versatility, and tending live fire are some of the most common.

Benefits of Offset Smoking

Offset smoking is a game changer for many BBQers. From flavor, cooking versatility, and the joy of live fire cooking, classic barbecue is ideal for offset smoking.

  • Flavor: Charcoal grilling adds a unique smoky taste to meats, cheese, desserts, and anything you are trying to smoke! Low and slow is a common smoking technique that can give you a deep smoky flavor as it smokes for hours. The longer you smoke, the more smoky goodness you can add to your food. Adding wood chunks to your grill can enhance your flavors as the different woods can add different flavors to your meals. Even without smoking, grilled charcoal-flavored food still provides an enriched flavor to your meals!
  • Cooking Versatility: Offset cooking provides many cooking zones and allows for direct or indirect grilling. The closer you get to the fire, the quicker your food heats up and is ready! One common technique is smoking on the offset smoker and finishing it off with a quick sear on the Side Fire Box. You can also cook a whole meal at once. Using the different heat zones, you can grill vegetables and meat all at the same time.
  • Live Fire Cooking: One of the best parts about BBQ is the ability to experiment with flavors! From choosing how long you smoke, what you smoke, how you marinade, wrap, etc., using an offset smoker can take you on a culinary journey!
How to offset smoke: 1. Add charcoal or wood to the side fire box. 2. Adjust the damper to allow airflow. 3. Add food to the cooking chamber 4. Adjust the smoke stack 5. Monitor the temperature gauge3 racks of ribs and a cast iron pan of macaroni and cheese cook on the main grate of an open Smokin' Pro grill. 4 whole bell peppers and 2 ears of husk-on corn on the cob roast on the warming rack. 

Why do you need an offset smoker?

If you love charcoal flavor, grilling versatility and crafting your cuisine, look no further than Offset Smokers.

Art of Offset Smoking

Get more information about fuel, how to, recipes and more for Offset Smoking here. 

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