A Smokin' Joe barrel grill with attached offset smoker on the right and side shelf on the left. A spatula and a brush hang from the side shelf on the left.

About the Char-Griller Smokin’ Pro

Transform Your Grilling Experience

Unlock the ultimate grilling experience with the updated Char-Griller Smokin' Pro Offset Smoker! Char-Griller has unleashed a revamped version of their iconic Smokin' Pro and it's nothing short of a game-changer. With 1,130 square inches of cooking space, a removable charcoal grate and ash pan for easy cleanup, an adjustable charcoal grate for precision temperature control, and a generously sized side shelf adorned with integrated tool hooks. Join us as we unravel the features that make the Smokin' Pro a must have for every pitmaster and backyard cook.

Why it's Great

The recently updated Char-Griller Smokin' Pro stands out as a game-changer for barbecue enthusiasts, offering a plethora of features that enhance the outdoor cooking experience. The incorporation of cast iron grates not only ensures durability but also imparts that sought-after sear and flavor to your grilled and smoked masterpieces.

Its improved heat control system simplifies precision cooking, enabling users to effortlessly achieve and maintain their desired temperatures for the perfect slow-smoked result. Cleanup is made easy with the convenient ash clean-up feature, streamlining the post-barbecue process. The Smokin' Pro's mobility is a standout feature, making it a breeze to find the optimal grilling spot in your backyard or take it on the go for outdoor events.

Crafted from heavy-duty steel, this smoker exudes durability and reliability, promising a long lifespan of dependable performance. The inclusion of a side firebox further expands your possibilities, allowing for versatile cooking techniques.

A Smokin' Pro with both lids open. The main barrel grill has a swing-away warming rack mounted in the lid. Lump charcoal is just visible in the side fire box.3 racks of ribs and a cast iron pan of macaroni and cheese cook on the main grate of an open Smokin' Pro grill. 4 whole bell peppers and 2 ears of husk-on corn on the cob roast on the warming rack.A closed Smokin' Pro grill with attached offset smoker on the right and a side shelf on the left. The smoker is mounted on a cart with 2 large wheels. The grill sits on a paved patio in front of a green lawn and trees.

Key Features

Designed with precision and innovation to enhance your outdoor cooking experience, the Smokin' Pro features two adjustable air dampers, providing unparalleled control over heat and smoke. This allows you to fine-tune your culinary creations with ease, while the built-in temperature gauge ensures precise monitoring of every degree, guaranteeing perfect results every time.

Effortless movement is assured by its sizable wheels, allowing you to showcase your barbecue on the go or in your backyard. The addition of a side firebox for offset smoking expands your culinary horizons, offering the freedom to explore diverse flavors and cooking methods. Taking the experience further, the adjustable fire grate becomes an essential element, offering meticulous temperature control for optimal cooking conditions across a variety of dishes.

With an integrated swing-away warming rack, the Smokin' Pro provides additional space to keep your dishes warm or slowly cook delicate cuts. Cleanup is effortlessly managed with the user-friendly ash cleanup system, allowing you to devote more time to savoring your food and less time on maintenance tasks. Boasting straightforward heat control and a range of innovative features, the Smokin' Pro is poised to be the preferred choice for barbecue enthusiasts. The adjustable grates and dampers offer precise control over temperature and airflow, empowering you to tailor the cooking process to your preferences.

intentionally designed with precision and innovation.

What's Great About Offset Smokers

Offset Smokers provide a unique grilling experience that distinguishes them in the realm of barbecue. What sets offset smokers apart is their design, which incorporates a separate firebox positioned away from the main cooking chamber. This configuration enables indirect heat, fostering a convection effect that imparts a rich smoky flavor to your food while ensuring a steady and controlled temperature. Models like the Smokin' Pro combine a timeless cooking method with modern features, delivering an unmatched grilling experience.