Tips for Pre-Season Grill Tune Up

Tips for Pre-Season Grill Tune Up

No matter if your grill never stopped cooking over the winter or if your grill has been hibernating since last season, it's probably time for a tune up. Right before the season is when we like to give our grill some extra TLC to make sure it stays in fighting shape for the rest of the season and fall.

This blog post will take you through all the important steps to keep your grill in its best shape.

1. Give Your Grill a Good Once Over

The next time you fire it up, take a good look at your grill. Check the grates and vents, make sure the wheels and thermometer are working and take note of anything that might need to be replaced or fixed. Thankfully, you can get all the parts you need at www.chargriller.com

2. Clean Your Grill

While it's not quite time to give your grill a full cleaning, it probably needs at least a good wipe down. Grease and oil help keep it seasoned and there's nothing like when you hit that perfectly seasoned sweet spot of cast iron grates, but take some time to wipe off the shelves, clean the thermometer and make sure all the ash is out of the grill.

Removing the ash will help prevent corrosion inside the grill and remove ash build up. Thankfully this is easy with Char-Griller's Easy Dump™ ash pans. Don't forget to clean out the Side Fire Box if you have one!

3. Season Your Grill

If you didn't do it when you bought your grill, now is a great time to season your entire grill. After you've cleaned it out, spray the whole inside down with oil. Make sure to get under the grates and in the ash pan. Fire your grill up and heat it so all that oil burns off and leaves you with a nicely seasoned grill.

Need some help? Here's a great video from the Dad Life Channel that shows you exactly how to season your grill!

4. Scrape and Season the Grates

While you should be cleaning your grates after every cook, that sometimes doesn't always happen. Give your grates a good scrape on the front and the back and make sure all the food residue is gone.

After all the burnt reside has been removed, heat the grill up and oil the grates. This will help season them, preventing rust and ensuing food doesn't stick. If you've never seasoned your grates before, here's a video from ambassador Steve Dotson on how to do that!

5. Keep Cooking

The best thing you can do for your grill is to keep using it and taking care of it. Cook in it, clean the grates, and make sure that you are cleaning out the ashes and covering it when not in use. This will help your grill stay in top shape and ensure it keeps cooking away.