Quarantine Cookout

As the days grow warmer and the sunlight begins to last a little longer, we know this is the time where the grill covers come off in anticipation for the summer months filled with laughter, great food, and family time. This spring looks a little different as we have experienced events that most of us never could have imagined. With rules surrounding social-distancing and quarantining, it’s easy to feel discouraged and get your spirits down, but there’s no reason to lose the festive summer spirit. In fact, this time in isolation with loved ones is even more of a reason to bring it out.

Here’s our list of the ways to have the perfect Quarantine Cookout with your loved ones!

1. #StayHomeCookOut

The best times begin with good food. Take any necessary shopping precautions and add a few hot dogs, burgers, veggies and nice cuts of meat to your grocery list. A great benefit of staying home with loved ones is that your grill lives there too, meaning unlimited delicious cooks on the grill. As the weather warms up, consider moving some of your meals to your grill or smoker. Be sure to hashtag #TeamCharGriller so we can see what incredible dishes you’re creating.

2. Games + Decorations + think water slides, picnic games etc

Keep it fun! Even if you can’t have guests, be sure to still pull out the slip n’ slide, water guns, and football or baseball and organize some friendly family competition.. Putting up the same summer holiday decorations and keeping the festivities present even though this year is different from the rest can help bring some much needed normalcy to the season. Don’t forget to have the perfect playlist for theme music!

3. Festive Meals + Desserts

If you’ve never smoked something like a brisket or pork shoulder, now is the perfect time to give it your best shot. Try any recipe you’ve been eyeing or waiting to have the time for (because now don’t we all have more time?). Don’t be afraid to step outside the grilling status quo and try unique dishes. Try your hand at festive desserts like red, white and blue cakes and popsicles, and even better? Make it a family activity!

Despite the necessity of social distancing and the many effects resulting from it, has there ever been a greater time to spend precious time with loved ones? Now’s the best time to whip us the best food and elevate the fun and festivity. Be sure to use the hashtags, #TeamCharGriller and #CharGrillerCookout to show off your cooks!