Why You Should Upgrade Your Grill

Back like it never left, it's approaching our FAVORITE time of year here at Char-Griller, grillin' season! We know you're just as excited as we are to try some new recipes and make new memories (be sure to use #chargriller on social media), but is your current grill set-up up to the task?

It might be time to revamp your equipment to make sure you're getting the ultimate Char-Griller experience. There are a few things to consider when it comes to upgrading. Both our team and our full arsenal of grilling options are here to make sure you rock the grill this season!

Gas and Charcoal?

Still stuck on choosing between the good ol' smoky taste of charcoal or the ease and efficiency of a gas grill? It's an age old debate and most times, people are stuck reluctantly picking one and letting the benefits of the other go up in smoke. At Char-Griller, we don't believe you should have to choose. With our array of Dual Fuel grill options, we guarantee you the best of both worlds.

Got Flavor?

Our Dual-Fuel grills eliminate the need to choose Gas or Charcoal allowing you to have both side by side, but what if you could combine them plus more for more flavor than ever?

With our one-of-a-kind Flavor Pro™ Multi-Fuel Grill, you can enjoy everything that makes grillin' great all in one package. You'll enjoy the efficiency of gas with the flavor of charcoal or wood using the patented Flavor Drawer™, where the options are endless. No matter what flavor you choose, you'll feel like a grilling pro.

Roll That Smoke

When it comes to smoking our food, we know it's really an art form with bonus food. We pride ourselves on achieving the perfect balance when it comes to that irresistible taste. Guaranteed to pass the test, consider one of our offset smokers to get the job done.

Maybe your tried and true Char-Griller charcoal grill is getting a little lonely. Add a Side Fire Box to maximize your smoking experience and ensure you keep the “Char” in Char-Griller.

Out of Space?

Maybe you're limited on storage space or your grill hobby is getting serious and you've got a serious arsenal to match. Either way, an issue of space should never hinder you from getting your grill on.

With our innovative collections of grills and smokers, both big and small, we have many all-in-one options to help you consolidate your grilling preferences or optimize space to make sure you continue to enjoy those experiences that matter. Explore our petite grilling options like the AKORN® Jr., our Portable Griddle, and many other table top grills.

Griddlin' Griller

Outdoor cooking doesn't always mean you have to fire up the grill or smoker. No longer just for countertop pancakes or skilled hibachi artists, griddles are growing into a must-have in both indoor and outdoor cooking and now you can do it with Char-Griller!

Waste no time relaxing with your family and friends this grillin' season. Cook your entire meal easily and effectively with our powerful, yet portable Flat Iron® Gas Griddle. We also offer a smaller version fit for your lifestyle needs.

Ready to Grill?

Maybe you've gotten this far and you don't yet own a grill. Or maybe you've dabbled in some grilling and you're ready to take on a REAL grill to enhance the adventure and make your food taste REAL good. After reading about many of our unique product offerings, from beginner to expert, why not invest in a Char-Griller for an experience, sure to last?

No matter your reason for upgrading your grilling set-up, we know it's so much more than a grill. It's an experience and a lifestyle. With our innovative array of products, social media pages to connect with other grillers and multitude of recipes and tips, we're here to make sure you have everything you need to be a master on the grill this year.