Certified Low n’ Slow Side Firebox Set Up

Setting up the side firebox on my offset smoker with lump charcoal & igniting the fire always gets me BBQ juices flowing and pumped up for BBQ action.


  • Fill the offset smoker side firebox with lump charcoal camp fire style.
  • Use three fire starters & ignited them using a fire torch as a lighter.
  • Left the side firebox lid & damper open, also opened the smokestack damper on top the offset smoker all the way.
  • Allow the charcoal to heat up until white ash appears over the charcoal for 15 minutes.
  • Closed the side firebox lid. Left the side firebox damper all the way open along with leaving open the smokestack damper all the way open. I always leave the smokestack damper all the way open and adjust the side firebox damper to monitor the heat and lock in to my desired temperature. The more the side firebox damper is open, the higher the temperature will be. Leaving the smokestack open allows the smoke to flow though around the meats to avoid suffocating it with smoke. The more the side firebox damper it's closed, the temperature will be lower.
  • Locked in at 225° in 15 minutes & warmed up the offset smoker for 30 minutes prior to cooking.
  • Your offset smoker is now ready for low n' slow smoking BBQ action.
  • The key to low n' slow smoking is monitoring the temperature, adjusting the side firebox damper, adding fuel when needed but most importantly is having patience and take no short cuts.