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5 Items to Upgrade Your Grilling Game

5 Items to Upgrade Your Grilling Game

There’s a special chemistry between a grill master and his/her grill. We get it. Aside from the grill itself, there are so many options and accessories to up your grilling game to its absolute best. From smokin’ to grillin’, we’ve got options to make this grilling season the best yet.

1. Smokin’ Stone 

If you’re a fan of indirect cooking, The Smokin’ Stone or Heat Deflector will become your best friend. Placed below the grill grates and above your flame, it leaves you with the full surface area of the grill for your cook. Since the Stone does not absorb heat, it also allows for a much more even and controlled smoke, forcing the heat and smoke to travel around the stone, cooking your food for the perfect low n’ slow experience. Added bonus: It also serves as the PERFECT pizza stone.

2. Charcoal Basket

Whether you’re a beginner smoker or a seasoned pro, the charcoal basket is perhaps one of the best investments to make. Not only does it make it easier to manage the heat in your grill/smoker, it provides even, consistent airflow for your cook, whether you place it in the barrel itself or in the Side Fire Box. And? It makes cleaning up a little easier since all the ashes will be concentrated in the end. 

3. Charcoal Chimney 

Tired of dealing with hot coals or struggling to light your grill? The Charcoal Chimney is the perfect companion to make delicious food happen right when you need it. It also makes the process safer, as you won’t have to dump hot coals into the grill and guarantees more consistent cooks without the assistance of lighter fluid. 

4. Wok

Love grilled veggies? Bring some serious grilled flavors to your veggies during your next cook without worrying about all the veggies dropping through the grates. The Char-Griller non-stick, stainless steel wok offers airflow for even cooking with the perfect amount of charcoal flavor. 

5. Grill Cover

Protect your grill from harsh weather elements year after year for great cooks to come with Char-Griller grill covers, especially made for your Char-Griller, no matter which one you own.