Ultimate Pork Belly Sliders

Cook Time:
1 - 2 hours


How many people are you serving?


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Are you feeding a crowd or a bunch of little ones? If so, this is the perfect recipe to satisfy all those hungry people. Sliders are the ideal finger food for large gatherings, and these will have your mouth watering!

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  1. 01

    Remove the skin from the pork belly, if any, and season the top generously with a layer of yellow mustard, followed by Original All-Purpose BBQ rub and your favorite sweet BBQ sauce, to taste



    • 4 pounds Skin-off pork belly
    • Yellow mustard
    • All-purpose rub, to taste
    • Sweet BBQ rub, to taste
  3. 02

    Pre-heat grill to 275°F for indirect heat with a Smokin’ Stone. Allow the belly to smoke for 2 hours or until internal temperature reaches 175°F. Remove the belly from the grill and allow to rest.

  4. 03

    After removing the pork belly and Smokin’ Stone, stir the charcoal and open up both vents to allow the grill to reach maximum temperature for searing.

  5. 04

    While the grill is heating up, slice the pork belly into ¼-inch thick strips and arrange on the grill. Work in batches if needed. Fry the belly for 3 minutes on each side, to allow the fat to render. Season the belly with BBQ rub again, if desired.

  6. 05

    Slice the pack of Hawaiian sweet rolls in half and arrange the pork belly on the bottom half. Cover with the top half and brush with melted butter and garlic, if desired. Place the rolls in a large pan and back onto the grill to crisp up for 10 minutes.



    • 1 package Hawaiian sweet rolls
    • Butter, to taste
    • Garlic, to taste
  8. 06

    Remove the pan from the grill and allow the rolls to cool slightly before slicing into individual sliders. Add your favorite toppings and sauce and enjoy!