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Hot 'N Fast Baby Backs

Prep Time: 20 Min | Cook Time: 2 Hrs


  • 1
    Baby Back Ribs
  • 2
    SPG Rub (Salt, Pepper, Garlic)
  • 3
    Sweet BBQ Rub
  • 4
    Your Favorite Binder (Mustard, Hot Sauce, Oil, or Cooking Spray)
  • 5
    Apple Cider Vinegar

Sometimes smoking ribs isn’t for everyone! No wood, not enough time, or no smoker! Charcoal and a rack of baby backs is all you need for this! Explode your taste buds this grilling season.


  1. Start by getting your grill ready. We’ll be cooking over indirect heat at 325-350 degrees. A little charcoal goes a long way!
  2. While the charcoal is getting hot, let's get to prepping the ribs. First remove the silver skin/membrane on the bone side of the rack. A butter knife and a paper towel works wonders. Once removed, coat in your favorite binder. Coat in a small amount of SPG. Not too heavy, we don’t want it too salty since we’re going for dry rub. Then coat in a generous amount of your favorite BBQ Rub.
  3. Let the rack sit to let the rub soak into the meat. You’ll see it start to “sweat”. That’s a good sign! Once the grill is ready, place the rack on the opposite side of the charcoal. (Thus making it an indirect heat cook.)
  4. After 30 minutes, spray down the ribs with apple cider vinegar and every 30 minutes from this point on. 2 hours into the cook you’ll want to start checking the temperature. For these ribs we’re looking for 203-205 internal temperature. Check it according to how fast your ribs are cooking. Since we’re not wrapping, the internal temperature can definitely get away from you.
  5. Once it hits the desired internal temperature, pull the rack from the grill, set aside, and let rest for 5-10 minutes. When slicing, I like to flip the rack over to see the bones for easier cutting!
  6. Enjoy your sweet, Hot ‘N Fast baby backs!

Author: SweetTuskBBQ
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