Gravity 980 Reverse Sear Ribeye

Cook Time:
30 - 60 min


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Check out this Reverse Sear Ribeye recipe from Char-Griller Ambassador, Steve Dotson of @cookoutcoach.

Hey everyone, today we’re going to talk about a turning point in my live fire cooking hobby, and that is when I unwittingly learned about the reverse sear technique for cooking steak. I used to cook steak and hope that by luck somehow my final product would be a good doneness, oftentimes resorting to the old cut the steak in half while it’s on the grill to try and figure out if it's done right or not. Then one day, I thought about what would happen if I put a steak in the smoker and let it come up to temperature slowly. Well, that turned out to be fantastic, but it was still missing one thing, that classic steak crust. So the next time I threw it on the smoker, let it come up to temperature slowly, then for the last few degrees I threw it over some hot coals and bam! I felt like I had to be the smartest guy out there cooking a steak. Of course I wasn't. I just happened to organically figure out how to perform a reverse sear. No more guessing at temperatures, or bands of overcooked meat in my steaks. Now it is automatic and to this day remains my favorite way to cook a steak.


  1. 01

    24 hours before the cook, place your steak on a wire rack and cover it with the kosher salt, then place it in the refrigerator.



    • Favorite cut of steak
    • 1 teaspoon Kosher salt per pound of steak
  3. 02

    Light your Gravity 980 and bring it up to 250˚F.

  4. 03

    Remove your steak from the refrigerator and cover with your steak rub.



    • 2 teaspoons Your favorite steak rub
  6. 04

    Place steak on the cooker with a probe in it, and once it reaches 85˚ internal flip it over.

  7. 05

    Between 110˚ and 120˚ internal temperature, remove the steak from the cooker and turn the cooker up to 650˚.

  8. 06

    With the lid open, place the steak back on the cooker, and rotate and flip every minute.

  9. 07

    After every minute check the internal temperature of the steak, for medium rare remove when the steak is between 125˚ and 130˚ internal temperature.