The Flavor Pro: Cleaning and Care

In order to keep your grill in the best shape, it’s important to keep it clean and maintained. When you first get your grill, you are going to want to season the cast iron grates. A guide to that process can be found here.

You’ll want to season your grates regularly during the first six months of owning your grill and then re-season them twice a year after that.

Just as important as seasoning your grates is cleaning out your grill. The Flavor Pro is equipped with an easy clean ash pan system with a grease trap. Simple pull out the ash pan from the back of the grill, open the lid of the grease trap, slide all the ash into the grease trap, place the lid back on, and remove the whole grease trap with the ashes from the grill and dispose of the contents.

Make sure to do this after each time that you cook with charcoal or wood products to extend the life of your grill.

You’ll also want to purchase a custom fit Flavor Pro cover and use it to protect your grill from the elements.

Another great tip to keep your grill working it’s best is to wipe or spray down the grill with vegetable oil regularly to protect the inside against rust.

Continued cleaning and care are key to ensuring a long life for your Flavor Pro. Have questions? Call, email or chat online with Char-Griller customer service!