The Charcoal Basket Difference

Our new and improved Grand Champ™ comes with a charcoal basket, included with the Side Fire Box for stress-free smoking and convenience. In this blog post, we're showing you how to use it, and how it will change your smoking game for the better!

How to Use It

The charcoal basket is really easy to use. In terms of loading and using it to light your smoker, simply fill your charcoal chimney with briquettes or lump charcoal. Once the coals are lit, drop them into the charcoal basket and add your wood chunks on top just as you normally would. Additionally, you can manually light the coals by placing newspaper or a fire starter beneath the Fire Box with charcoal loaded inside.

Why the Charcoal Basket?

  • The charcoal basket will keep your fuel concentrated for consistent airflow, producing clean smoke that will guarantee a smooth cook and delicious barbecue. It also makes it much easier to continue adding fuel as necessary, or even removing it in an effort to manage the heat. This also means much more steady cooking temperatures, sparing you the effort of continuously monitoring the heat.
  • The Charcoal Basket guarantees clean, even airflow since there is air flowing underneath and around it, which will allow heat to seamlessly flow throughout your smoker. This creates an all-around more efficient process, ensuring you always get your money's worth when it comes to briquettes or wood.
  • The Charcoal Basket's placement makes clean up easy, as the ashes will fall right through. If you'd like to get full usage of your fuel and want to re-light the briquettes or wood chunks from the end of last night's cook that didn't get their full burn, the Charcoal Basket makes it easy to simple shake off any excess ashes, remove the Basket to clean the ash out and get the smoke rolling!