Tailgating at Home

Tailgating at Home

It’s that time of year again: Tailgating Season! If you can’t go out to a massive tailgate before the big game because of social distancing rules, then bring the celebration to your very own backyard. That’s why we’ve prepared tips to help you have an awesome tailgate right at home!

Choose your location. 

An outdoor tailgate will give you the most traditional feel. Plan for your backyard, front yard or even your driveway. However, it’s totally possible to bring the party indoors, after all that’s where the TV is! Take advantage of this tailgate being in the comfort of your home and make it...comfortable. So be sure to pick a spot in the shade or bring the celebration to your living room. 

Plan Your Menu

Plan for what dishes or meats you will cook and how much you will need. Burgers and hot dogs are always a must, but don’t be afraid to get creative! Look up a recipe for football shaped cookies or cupcakes frosted in your team’s colors. 

Planning your menu will help refine your shopping list so you don’t overspend or forget anything. It will also help you to establish a cooking schedule so that everything is prepared on time. You don’t want to have to worry about too little grill space or a warm pasta salad right before kick off! 

Get Into the Spirit! 

You’re likely already wearing your favorite team’s jersey, but go above and beyond. Get some balloons, banners or even color-themed napkins and transform your space. Not only will it feel even more like a traditional tailgate, it’s bound to get your family into the spirit as well. Play your favorite station or game-day tunes and make it an event!

Before kick-off, have your very own kick-off with your family. Organize a flag football game or have games and activities set up for the kids if they won’t be focused on the BIG game. It’ll keep the energy up and keep them occupied.

Get the Neighborhood Involved

Consider coordinating with your neighbors for everyone to go a front yard or driveway tailgate, repping their favorite teams loud and proud. Everyone can decorate their yards, cookout and play music. This will help you get into the traditional tailgating spirit, but keeping it safe, social-distancing style. 

Rather than looking at your home tailgate as though you’re losing something, think about it as though you’re gaining a new way of doing things, a new way to watch the game and spend time with family. Whatever you do, be sure to go all out and tag us and rep #teamchargriller!