Rusted Grill Grate Care

Have you opened your grill/smoker to rusted cooking grill grates? Here are some tips to get them back into shape and ready for BBQ action in just 30 mins. Don't be afraid of those rusty cooking grill grates, you can easily bring them back to life!


  1. Set up the Char-Griller Grill
  2. Scrape both sides of the cooking grates using a bristle free brush to remove rust, old grease & food remains
  3. Spray cooking oil on both sides of the cooking grates. This helps remove the rust and seasons the cooking grill grates.
  4. Fill the fire bowl with Lump Charcoal camp fire style, place a couple of fire starters in the charcoal & ignite it with a fire torch.
  5. Allow the coals to gray over nice and hot for 10 mins. Spread the coals evenly using the grate lifter.
  6. Place the cooking grill grates back in place.
  7. Close the grill hood, adjust the top damper to setting 3 & the bottom damper to setting 1. This is to target temperature 350°.
  8. Allow the AKORN® Jr. to warm up, get to the targeted temperature of 350° & remove rust/season the cooking grill grates for 20 mins.
  9. Use a small end of an onion and scraped the cook grill grates with it for some extra flavor.
  10. Now the cooking grill grates are darkened, seasoned & ready for BBQ action!