How-To Pair the AKORN® Auto-Kamado™ with a Smart Device

If you want to pair your AKORN Auto-Kamado with your smart device, you'll be able to monitor and control the grill temperature from your phone, as well as monitor the internal temperature of your food with the meat probes.

  1. Download the Char-Griller app from the App Store (Apple or Google Play). For more information about the App, supported devices, and more - go to pages/faqs.
  2. After installation is completed, open the App.

For Bluetooth Set-Up:

  1. Go to Settings page
  2. Click on Bluetooth
  3. Select “Akorn-XXXX” from List
  4. Pairing is complete


  1. Go to Setting page
  2. Click on Wi-Fi
  3. Select preferred Wi-Fi network from list
NOTE: Device only works on 2.4Ghz networks. Device will not work on 5Ghz networks or networks that use 2.4Ghz and 5Hz frequencies simultaneously. If your Wi-Fi network does not segregate the 2.4Ghz wireless frequency, Bluetooth will be the only connection option.