How to Use Griddle Basting Dome

There are many ways to upgrade the experience of cooking on your Flat Iron®. The basting cover is just one of them. In this blog post, we'll be exploring the different ways you can use it to accomplish some awesome cooks on your Flat Iron.


The Dome


The 12” basting dome is the perfect grilling or griddling assistant helping to both melt, steam or create an oven effect right on your Flat Iron or charcoal grill. It's both stainless steel for durability as well as dishwasher safe for easy clean up. The handle is heat resistant to make removing it from food or moving around on your grates/cooktop simple. It will keep your process both safe and stress-free, allowing you to give all of your attention to what really matters: the food.


Easy Clean Up


One of the many uses for the basting dome is to make clean up easy. Placing the dome over whatever you're cooking will prevent juice or oil from popping around your cooking area or worse, on your body or face. Not only will this eliminate the need for a scrub down of your area following the cook, it will also keep you safe. Simply place the basting dome over foods susceptible to popping or causing a mess like


For Melting Cheese


Another great use for the basting dome is for melting purposes. Most commonly, it's used for melting cheese on top of burgers, but get creative and use it to melt cheese onto vegetables, potatoes or other foods. As you finish up a batch of burgers, simply place cheese on top of each patty and add the basting dome. It will melt both quickly and evenly. (Do you have to add water to make it melt better?)


For Steaming


Another great use for the basting dome is to quickly and easily steam vegetables. This allows you to prepare an entire side or main dish right beside other meats or dishes you may be preparing. Simply add a little water underneath the dome with the vegetables or other food to create the steaming effect. Cook until desired tenderness and serve warm.

For Baking

You can easily "bake" a pizza or even biscuits with the basting dome. First, place your food on the surface of the griddle to develop a crust, cooking the bottom. Then add a wire rack to your griddle. Place your food atop the rack and cover with the basting dome. You may even use the pizza stone atop the wire rack, and complete your entire cooking process (start to finish) under the basting dome. This will create an oven-like atmosphere right on the surface of your griddle!


It's safe to say the griddle and its accessories are changing the way that you cook "out". It makes the process both easy and fun, so you can focus on the food and the good times that follow!