How to Season the Flat Iron® Gas Griddle

Prepping Your Griddle

How to Season the Flat Iron® Gas Griddle

Why Season Your Griddle?

Seasoning your griddle top helps it perform better and protects it against rust. The first seasoning is the most important as the oil bonds to the surface and makes your first cook on your griddle that much better.

Why is seasoning so important? Think of it like your grandma's cast iron skillet. Seasoning the griddle forms a protective layer on the griddle surface and helps it cook food better and more evenly. As mentioned above, seasoning also protects your griddle against rust extending the life of your griddle and ensuring that it is more protected from the elements.

Just like grills, griddles need to be seasoned before use to ensure that they are working at their best. This blog and video will walk you through the steps for how to season your Flat Iron Griddle.

What Oils to Use When Seasoning?

There are a variety of different oils that you can use to season your griddle. We strongly recommend using Flax Seed oil because it bonds the best and won't make your griddle surface sticky after seasoning.

You can also use canola, vegetable or coconut oil but they don't perform nearly as well as Flax Seed oil for your first seasoning.

Steps for Griddle Seasoning

Seasoning your griddle is easy, but takes some time to do right. After taking your griddle out of the box and putting it together, you need to wash the griddle top with soap and water. Wipe as much water off the griddle top as possible.

After wiping down the griddle, turn all the burners to high and ignite the burners. Turn the burners to medium high and allow all the water to evaporate off the surface: about 7 to 10 minutes.

Once the griddle is completely dry, put two tablespoons of Flax Seed oil on the hot griddle top and wipe it all over the griddle with a paper towel. Make sure to wipe down the sides of the griddle too. Holding the paper towel in a pair of tongs is the easiest way to do this.

The oil on the griddle top will smoke for about 15 minutes. After the smoke stops, put two more tablespoons of oil on the griddle top and wipe the griddle top down again. Repeat this process a total of six times for the best results.

After you have repeated this process six times, you are ready to cook!

Continued Seasoning

While the initial seasoning might be the most important, continued seasoning is vital to ensuring your griddle lasts a long time. After every cook, you are going to want to full scrape down the griddle top while it is still hot but the burners are off. You can read more about how to clean your griddle here

After you have cleaned the griddle top, make sure to coat your griddle with another two tablespoons of oil and coat the griddle surface before storing your griddle away.

If your griddle top does rust, don't fret. Just clean and re-season. One cast-iron cleaning method is to scrub salt with a potato onto the griddle to remove grease.

Just like your favorite cast iron skillet, the Flat Iron Gas Griddle gets better every time you use it. Doing this first seasoning will ensure that your griddle is ready to cook.

About the Flat Iron premium gas griddle

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