Flat Iron® Griddle Cleaning and Care

The key to keeping your Flat Iron® Griddle in its best shape? Cleaning and care. This blog will walk you through all the steps for how to keep your griddle clean and in its best shape.

Cleaning Your Griddle

You need to clean your griddle thoroughly after each use. Once you are done cooking on your griddle, turn off all the burners and allow it to cool slightly. No more than 5 to 10 minutes. After the griddle has cooled a little, scrape all of the oil and food residue into the grease cup for easy disposal.

If your griddle has particularly stubborn food, use a Char-Griller Liquid Dispenser filled with water and squirt the water over the food. The heat from the griddle will cause the water to boil and help you scrape off the food more easily.

If the water still doesn’t clean off the food, use coarse salt to scrub the food until it comes off. You never want to use soap and water on your griddle for cleaning after the initial seasoning as it can ruin the seasoning.

After cleaning your griddle, always coat your griddle lightly with oil before putting it away to help it last longer and protect your griddle top from the elements and rust.

Regular cleaning and care is so important to making sure your Flat Iron® Gas Griddle is at its best. Have questions? Call, email or chat online with Char-Griller customer service!