How-To Sear on the AKORN® Auto-Kamado™

If you're looking to sear on your AKORN Auto-Kamado, follow these instructions to perfectly sear your next meal!

Do not use the Heat Deflector for searing. The Heat Deflector cannot be used for temperatures higher than 450F.

To sear (555-700F), set your AKORN Auto-Kamado up for direct heat.

You'll need 2-3 lbs. of fuel. Set your fuel for bottom ignition by putting 2 firestarters on the near the bottom of the pile. You'll need to wait 15-20 minutes to let the fuel activate. For searing, you'll want your dampers all the way open. When the dampers are open, this increases the air flow for higher heat.

>Be patient when setting your grill up for searing. If your grill temperature gets too high, it will be difficult to control the temperature or bring it back down.

After searing, you will have to shut the grill down and extinguish the fuel. It is not possible to go from Searing temperatures to Smoking temperatures on the AKORN Auto-Kamado.