How to Get AKORN Temperature Down After It’s Too Hot

Seasoned pitmasters always preach that it’s much easier to overshoot your temperature and bring it down rather than shooting for your exact temperature, just to fall flat. While it’s much easier said than done, we’ve noticed many folks from #TeamCharGriller sharing the difficulty of getting the temperature down in their AKORN Kamado. In this blog, we hope to address it for many successful AKORN cooks to come!

Step away to finish food prep in the kitchen and come back to notice your AKORN is WAY above your desired temperature? Do you feel like you’re compromising the taste and texture of your dish as you waste away precious minutes 80-100° above your ideal cooking range? Don’t panic.

First things first…

Close both the top and the bottom vents. This will cut off any and all airflow fueling your fire and will begin to bring your AKORN’s temperature down. Watch your thermometer as the temperature gradually decreases.


Open the lid to your AKORN completely for about 5-7 seconds to quickly allow heat to escape before closing and latching it. Ensure your vents are still closed. You should observe your thermometer showing a 20-50° drop in temperature.

*The temperature will begin to rapidly climb immediately following the drop. Remain vigilant! Wait for the increase to stop before it continues to decrease. *


Repeat the process of opening the grill lid completely to release more heat, then latching once more, watching for a continued and constant decrease, before repeating as many times as necessary before reaching desired temperature.

Once you reach your desired temperature, return the grill vents to their desired settings and resume your cook as normal.

We hope this blog helped you get to know your AKORN a bit better. Did it work? Leave us a note in the comments! We can’t wait to see those smoked, seared and grilled dishes from your AKORN Kamado. Be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #TeamCharGriller.