How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Space

What better way to spoil mom this Mother’s Day than with a meal outside on your patio or deck? The start of spring and warmer weather is the perfect excuse to get your outdoor space ready for the season and what better time to do it than to celebrate Mom?

Here are 10 things you need to create the perfect outdoor space.

1. A Grill – Obviously.

What’s an outdoor space without a grill? Grilling not only means delicious food, it also means getting the heat of the oven and stove out of the house, saving you on the air conditioning bill. Outfit your patio with the perfect grill for your family. We recommend our Dual Fuel models for anyone who wants to cook quick and easy with gas during the week, but want to enjoy the flavor and time dedication of charcoal on the weekend.

2. A Food Prep Space

This goes along with the grill. The last thing you want is to have to put the food you are cooking on the ground so the dog can run away with it. Consider getting a small patio table or folding table to set up next to the grill. You’ll be able to use this space along with your Char-Griller’s shelves for added storage and food preparation and serving space.

3. A Patio Table and Chairs

A good patio set helps you enjoy all that great food you’ve cooked on the grill. Consider getting a set with an umbrella if you don’t have a lot of shade in your backyard so you can get some relief from the summer heat.

4. Make it Comfortable

If you have the space, add a small lounge area with some patio couches with comfortable cushions. If you don’t have the space, consider a hammock. The alternate seating will give you more space and give people a place to relax after the meal is finished.

5. Have a Heat Source

We don’t know about you, but our moms are always cold. A small fire pit can go a long way for heating an outdoor space. As an added bonus, it also makes for the ideal marshmallow toasting locations. S’mores anyone?

6. Add Some Plants

Plants are a great way to bring some color and nature to your deck or patio. Get a mixture of high and low plants to create height variations. Consider adding in a small herb garden or some potted herbs to use while you are grilling.

7. Light the Night

Lights go a long way in creating ambiance for your patio. They will also help cut down on any safety concerns. As the sun goes down and the lights come on, you can rest easy knowing that people will be able to safely navigate around the space thanks to the string lights or deck lights.

8. Get Some Privacy

Enclosing your patio or deck with lattice or creative landscaping will make your outdoor space feel like an escape. You won’t have to worry about the neighbors eavesdropping on your dinner conversations and you can be fully present in the moment.

9. Deter Bugs

Bugs are part of being outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time on your patio or deck swatting at them. Invest in some citronella candles or tiki torches to keep the bugs at bay.

10. Enjoy with Family and Friends

Your outdoor space is meant to be enjoyed with your family and friends. Invite people over for dinner this weekend and make an event out of it in your new space.