Eight Reasons to Add a Flat Iron® Griddle to Your Backyard

Gas Griddles are Great

Eight Reasons to Add a Flat Iron® Griddle to Your Backyard

At Char-Griller, we are always cooking up new innovations to better serve your cooking needs. Our line-up of Flat Iron® Gas Griddles, offered in a range of full-sizes and as well as a smaller, portable griddle option, is a necessity in all backyard cooking arsenals. From its efficiency to its portability, here are eight reasons why you should get yourself a Flat Iron Gas Griddle.

"I bought our griddle during COVID in early Summer. It made cooking at home much more enjoyable and tastier. It is a great compliment to our grill with the ability to wheel it around on our large back patio to find just the right spot for the experience."

Cook an Entire Meal on a Griddle

Rather than cooking meat outside and delicious veggies/sides inside, prepare your entire meal in the backyard and keep the family altogether. Our full-size Flat Iron® Griddles are equipped with four burners for high and low temperatures and control of four different zones of the flat top for a versatile cooking experience.

You can prepare delicious fajitas all at once! Cook up your meat in one zone and your onions and peppers in the next. At the same time, fry up rice in the third zone, while warming tortillas on the fourth. The heavy gauge steel griddle top that improves with each cook will ensure your meals get better and better every time.

Cooking Versatility: Cook breakfast, burgers, fajitas and moreSteel Griddle Top: Durable, non-stick steel griddle top with even heat distribution4-zone cooking for precise heat control and cooking versatility

Easy to Move

Griddles offer the unbeatable advantage of portability, making them an ideal cooking solution for a variety of settings. Unlike traditional stovetops or outdoor grills, griddles are often compact, lightweight, and easy to transport. Our full-size Char-Griller Griddles have both folding side shelves and a folding cart construction with wheels, allowing you to easily move the griddle in your backyard to where the action is. While the 17-inch Portable Gas Griddle option can simply be carried with your hands. Both are perfect to move around your yard, bring to a tailgate or on a camping trip with friends and family.

Looking for a portable option? Explore the portable 17-inch gas griddle.

Easy to Use

Griddles are celebrated for their simplicity and user-friendly design, making them an excellent choice for both novice and experienced cooks alike. Unlike complex cooking appliances that may require extensive setup or technical know-how, griddles provide a straight-forward cooking process. With quick preheating and minimal maintenance, such as occasional seasoning or cleaning, you can start cooking on a griddle with ease.

Flat Top Grills are Great for Quick Grilling

Cooking with griddles offers unparalleled speed and efficiency. Unlike traditional stovetops or ovens, griddles provide a large, flat cooking surface that evenly distributes heat, and at a high heat volume. Unlike traditional grills where you need to heat up your grill for extended periods of time, Char-Griller Griddles have powerful BTU's that will get your food cooking in no time!

Cooking Versatility

Gas griddles offer an unparalleled level of cooking versatility, making them exciting to bring to your backyard cookouts. The precise control over temperature allows users to sear meats to perfection, sauté vegetables with precision, and whip up delicate pancakes with ease. Additionally, the ability to adjust heat zones on a gas griddle provides flexibility to cook different foods simultaneously at varying temperatures, maximizing efficiency and convenience. From breakfast to dinner, gas griddles empower cooks to unleash their culinary creativity and produce a wide array of delicious dishes, including fajitas, quesadillas, stir-fries, and more. Whether you're cooking for family, friends, or customers, the cooking versatility of gas griddles ensures that every meal is a culinary masterpiece.

Even, Reliable Heat

Body copy: Griddles are renowned for their ability to ensure even cooking, a quality cherished by chefs and home cooks alike. The expansive, flat surface of a griddle allows heat to distribute uniformly across the cooking surface, ensuring that every inch receives consistent heat. Whether it's pancakes, burgers, or vegetables, the even heat distribution of a griddle ensures that food cooks evenly without hot spots or uneven cooking. This consistency not only guarantees perfectly cooked meals but also enhances flavors and textures, resulting in delectable dishes that delight the palate. Whether in a professional or at novice, the even cooking provided by griddles allows the user to embark on a culinary adventure.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Sometimes, the worst part of grilling up delicious food is the cleanup afterwards. The design of our griddles helps you focus on the food now and the mess later. Both our full-size and portable Flat Iron® Gas Griddles come equipped with a convenient grease drawer to eliminate a greasy mess. When you're finished with cooking, simply scrape grease into the drawer, scrub away leftover food with water (and coarse salt for stubborn stuck on food), and coat with oil before storing for extra protection.

Want to know more about cleaning your griddle? Check out our cleaning guide!

Use It Year Round

Griddles offer the versatility to be used year-round, regardless of the season or weather conditions. During the warm summer months, they provide a convenient alternative to outdoor grills, allowing you to cook up delicious barbecue favorites like burgers, hot dogs, and grilled vegetables right in your backyard or on the go! In the cooler months, griddles provide a reliable way to prepare comforting dishes like pancakes, French toast, and stir-fries without having to brave the elements. We even have a full-size Flat Iron® offering with a lid attached for even more protection against the elements.

The Flat-Iron® flat-top griddles are designed to add convenience and versatility to your outdoor cooking experience, allowing you to easily cook everything from pancakes and burgers to stir-fries and fajitas. Show us what you are griddling up by tagging us on social media!

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