Direct Grillin'


Cook food directly above coals/heat. Generally speaking, to grill meats, raise fire grate to high position (hot) and sear for one minute on each side with the lid open to seal in flavor and juices. Then lower fire grate to medium position with lid closed and cook to desire doneness. Control heat with dual dampers and adjustable fire grate.


Place grilled meat back in the marinade for several minutes before serving – it will become tastier and juicier. CAUTION: Boil extra marinade first to kill bacteria remaining from the raw meat.


Cooking with a MEAT THERMOMETER ensures food is fully cooked. Insert into thickest part not touching bone & allow five minutes to register. Internal temperatures for BIRDS should be 170˚F to 180˚F and meat should be 140˚F for rare, 160˚F medium and 170˚F for well done.