BBQ Tips and Tricks

At Char-Griller, it’s always grilling season, of course, but as the weather warms and that smoky charcoal scent begins to permeate the neighborhood, we’re giving you a peek inside the smoker for the best hacks for great BBQ.

Low n’ Slow

The Low n’ Slow method, typically used for larger, tougher cuts of meat like brisket, pork shoulder, and ribs, is a staple within the world of BBQ. When it comes to smoking meat, flavor and texture are a testament to your technique.

For tender, juicy texture and deep smoky flavor, keep your smoker at a low temperature, typically between 200-275 degrees and let it cook slowly, usually for several hours. This will allow the flavors from the wood and/or charcoal to thoroughly infuse into meat, while slowly tenderizing it throughout. If you’re determined to taste a difference in your BBQ, be patient and you’ll experience delicious results that’ll make you want to go Low n’ Slow every time.

Choosing Your Wood

When you’re planning a smoke, it’s a necessity to find quality meat and the same care goes for finding wood. This step is equally important and makes a world of a difference. Not only is wood responsible for the heat in the smoker, it also determines the flavor of your BBQ. Using green or wet wood will give you harsh, acrid smoke that you’ll have to burn out before you can even begin cooking. Choose dry and cured wood in smaller chunks to give you more control over your fire and temperature, even cooking and a fresh smoky flavors.

Add a Drip Pan

When smoking meat for such a long time, it’s easy for the dry heat to dry out your meat like jerky. The last thing you want to do is let your Low n’ Slow hard work go to waste. Add a metal pan or drip pan filled with water near your charcoals or your Side Fire Box. This will keep the air inside the smoker moist, help your meat build bark on the outside, and keep the smoke circulating ensuring deep flavor and juicy texture.

Spray Your Meat

While cooking on the smoker, you want to do everything you can to achieve perfect taste and texture. While smoking, keep a spray bottle handy, filled with your choice of oil, soda, juice, or even whiskey. Throughout your cook, spray the meat down occasionally to attract the smoke to the moisture on the surface, helping to build a tasty, crispy bark on the outside. This will also ensure that the meat itself will continue to cook evenly, maintaining a moist texture and sealing those flavors on the inside.

Thin Blue Smoke

“If you’re looking, you’re not cooking!”

When smoking your BBQ low n’ slow, it’s important to simply trust the process and let the good heat inside the smoker do its job. Instead of opening the smoker to make sure it’s cooking right, keep it closed, and watch the smoke coming out the top. If it’s thin bluish-gray smoke, it means you’ve got good, clean air flow circulating, your smoker is at the perfect temperature and you’re on your way to some awesome BBQ!