5 Ways to Upgrade Your Burgers

Are you tired of the basic, boring burger? We’re here to let you know that EVERY burger should be your best. Keep reading for 5 tips on how to upgrade your burger game

1. The Bun

One of the most important components of the perfect burger is the bun. It’s got to be able to withstand the juicy patty, toppings and cheese. Think of the bun as a foundation. It can truly make or break the experience of enjoying your burger.You can experiment with different types of buns from onion, to brioche or even Texas Toast! No matter which you choose, it’s always a good idea to toast your bun before piling anything on. It will prevent it from growing soggy too quickly and add a good crunch. Either add both halves to the warming rack of your grill or place them directly onto your grates beside your burgers. For added mouth-watering flavor, add butter to your bun before toasting.

2. The Beef

The most important part of an amazing burger is… you guessed it! The burger patty itself. If the flavor or texture are all wrong, then your burger will be too! Be sure your grates are always properly seasoned to avoid the meat sticking to it and cook for the right amount of time, ensuring to never smash the burger down in hopes of it cooking faster, etc. This will only dry your patty out! Check out our blog post for cooking the perfect burger patty every time here.

3. Toppings

Now this is the part where you can get as creative as your stomach desires. We’ve seen almost every burger topping, from onion rings to shrimp or even lobster and pineapple. But before you push the burger topping boundaries, be sure you have the basics. Aside from cheese, add a nice crisp piece of lettuce, onions, pickles and tomatoes if you like them. They will add a nice shift in texture for your palate and are sure to give depth to your flavors. Once you’ve got those three, feel free to get creative and let your imagination soar.

4. Sauce

Condiments are another way to elevate the taste of your burger and add some moisture to each bite. Classic sauces people use are ketchup and mustard and sometimes mayonnaise, but the options are almost endless. Folks add things like BBQ sauce, Sriracha, hot sauce, guacamole, or even queso. Maybe you even want to make your own secret, special sauce. Pretty much anything goes as long as your tastebuds agree.

5. Bacon

Because bacon deserves its own category. When all fails, add bacon. Why? Because bacon makes everything taste better. It’s going to make your burger taste amazing no matter what, adding flavor, texture and amazingness. Be sure to prepare it so that it’s nice, fresh and crispy. Want to upgrade your burger some more? Cook the bacon first and then cook the burger in the bacon grease. You’re welcome.